Why You Should Repurpose Your Content

After days, maybe weeks of research and preparation, you finally finished your content, whether it’s a video, podcast, blog or a book. So what now? Chances are, you start from scratch once again.

Thinking long and hard about the next content is bad enough, not to mention the long and painful process of making it, only to find yourself back to where you started after every release of your product. This can be daunting and exhausting for creators.

This is why content repurposing is one of the best things that you can do if you are a content creator. If you don’t know what content repurposing is, you can check out my detailed explanation here.

But if you already have an idea what it is, and are thinking about whether or not you should do it, here are some definite reasons why you should.

Give top 8 benefits of content repurposing

1. Increases your online presence
This is arguably the best benefit of content repurposing. If you published a podcast episode, it will remain a podcast episode. Content repurposing gives you the opportunity to increase your online presence by posting your existing episode on multiple social media platforms. This will broaden your reach and will make your brand look better.

2. Multi-Platform Marketing
Let’s face it, not everyone listens to podcasts. But that doesn’t mean they won’t like your content. Repurposing the format of your existing content, let’s say a blog, will give you an opportunity to grab the attention of the people who like to read. Same goes for videos and any other social media platforms.

3. Acquire New Audience
This ties directly to the previous 2 mentioned. As you increase your online presence and start marketing through different platforms, you will have a greater chance of getting new people to notice you. Remember that every upload gives you another chance to acquire a new audience.

4. Revive Old Content
Just because you published a video 6 months ago doesn’t mean it can’t be useful anymore. Instead of sitting there collecting dust, you can repurpose those and bring them back to life in a different format. Also, a content you published a year ago will not have the same reach as it will now. So it is important that you continuously use your old content.

5. Rejuvenate Failed Content
Just because a piece of content failed in one platform, doesn’t mean it won’t succeed in another. Some people don’t like reading blogs, and making that blog more graphic could possibly capture that audience’s attention.

6. Strengthens your message
Repeating your message over and over again gives you an identity, a personal brand. This is something that every content creator should aspire for. Constantly repurposing your message is a great way to build that brand so people will know what you’re all about.

7. Improves your SEO
The more content you have online, the more search engines trust you. This will result in better visibility of your website, which will yield more customers.

8. Maximizes your Time and Effort
Last but not the least, you get more out of your content with the same amount of effort. This will save you time, which can be used in more productive ways, like creating and thinking about your next content.

Now that you know the benefits of content repurposing, it’s time to start now. If you want to know more on how to do it, I have a brief guide on how to repurpose a video here:

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