How Niel Reichl Amplified Authority Circle’s Million Dollar Mission through the Power of Podcasts

How launching a podcast helped this business coach escalate his authority and create a community of raving fans that instantly became his brand ambassadors and business leads.

Meet the Client

Niel Reichl is a business growth strategist who works with 6-8 figure business owners to scale their profits using his BottBott Marketing strategies. Aside from being a successful entrepreneur, he is also a passionate business coach to Filipino freelancers as one of the pioneer coaches in the Freelance Movement Tribe (an elite group of freelancers and digital marketers in the Philippines) since it launched in 2018.  In his desire to bring his students to the next level and help them scale their freelance businesses, he created his signature program – The Authority Circle.

The Challenge

In 2021, Niel partnered with Corina Obrero and decided to revamp The Authority Circle.  From $6k USD they started pricing it at $40k combining investment and coaching to open up more opportunities for Filipino freelancers. 

Niel has only relied on his FB network to source potential coaching students for his program. Despite bringing amazing results for his students, it’s not that popular because of its pricing, and they don’t have a lot of graduates who can provide testimonials about it to share with their friends and network. Niel and Corina needed to get the word out FAST.

Niel was playing around with the idea of launching a podcast and received several pitches to launch again but he wasn’t confident that it was worth the effort since he tried it twice in the past and did not get any success. This all changed when Mhyla, founder of Content Multiplied showed a different way of launching a podcast – the Content Multiplied Machine way. 

They immediately decided to launch the podcast to reach more people and give them a taste of their way of coaching (bold, action-oriented, and straight to the point). 

While Niel has experience as a podcaster for over half a decade ago, he had limited knowledge and results back then. This time, he wanted to make sure it would be different and Mhyla made sure that Niel launched it with flying colors this time around

Both Niel and Corina believe podcasting is a sacred way to reach and get the attention of their potential students but neither of them has enough time to learn, manage and set up everything required to put up the show since they also have their current students and freelance businesses to run.


. . .

Niel and Corina partnered with Mhyla and her team to launch the Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer podcast – a biweekly show dedicated to Pinoy freelancers and agency owners who want to break their mindset and income ceilings so they can start charging what they are worth.  Mhyla also invested in the ValuePod mastermind where she learned the blueprint to launching a successful podcast. We took it to the next level by adding the Content Multiplied framework that’s been working with our clients. 

After the initial conversation and a couple of questions, they knew Mhyla ’s team is perfect to help them accomplish their goal. Why?

They just record it and forget it, no technical knowledge required

The team took over the entire setup, post-production, the assets, and the strategies to make sure everything is complete for the launch. All they had to do was to provide the episode recordings and point out which of the marketing assets we provide they feel will work best for their brand.

Maximizing assets and leveraging communities

We leveraged both the client and the ValuePod community network who are also ideal as Niel’s target market to ensure the success of the podcast launch.

Goal Oriented production

The TR team didn’t just focus on getting the podcast out. We created a strategy to make sure every effort we make is aligned with Niel and Corina’s goal to get the word about the Authority Circle program.

One team, multiple experts

Niel and Corina didn’t have to hire different people to manage the multiple deliverables they need to launch their show. Our team of experts already have (video and podcast editors, graphic designers, show notes writers, and podcast growth hackers). This allowed them to focus on their business and didn’t need to deal with a lot of service providers going back and forth with feedback.


In less than 14 days, the Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer Podcast trailer went live and exceeded the client’s initial goal of a regular launch and somehow getting on the charts. 

In less than 24 hours, it reached...

By the end of the campaign, the MDFF Podcast gained...

Business Results

▪ Niel and Corina have now established their name among the Filipino freelancing community.

▪ Authority Circle is now one of the most popular coaching programs for premium Filipino freelancers.

▪ Their exclusive Facebook group gained an additional 200 members.

▪ They are now talking to more leads interested in joining the Authority Circle Coaching Program.

▪ They also saw a new market (newbie freelancers) and are now developing an offer to help them on top of their high-ticket coaching program.

Niel and Corina's

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